Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My New Favorite Word

I guess that would imply that I have an old favorite word, which I don't. But anyway I'm totally in love with the term "nursling" for a nursing baby/child. I paid for a membership to the LLLI and in return receive their quarterly publication "New Beginnings". It has lots of stories from many a breastfeeding mom about every facet of breastfeeding you can imagine. Many of the mothers describe their breastfeeding child as a "nursling" and I just think it's precious.

My son's father argued with me that it wasn't a real word like "spiderling" or whatever. In response to that I post the following definition from The Free Dictionary:
1. A nursing infant or young animal.
2. A carefully nurtured person or thing.

My nursling, asleep at my breast. So sweet.

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