Monday, September 15, 2008

OMG Cry-it-Out!

I am sorry to report that illness has thwarted our sleeping progress. I'm tired. Just about every other night my son is fussy, restless and irritable - all night long. Last night he slept soundly for the first two hours. Didn't hear a peep from him. Then, I decided to go to bed. So I guess that means it's time to wake up and cry for a while! Even though I went to bed just before 11pm, I didn't actually get to sleep until after 1am because of this. I would nurse him down, and a few minutes later he would be awake, wriggling and whining, for no apparent reason. He wouldn't settle down good, even if he was right next to me in bed.

Everyone around me, including my child's father, is encouraging me to let him cry it out. I am disappointed and discouraged by this lack of support - now when I really need it most. These people know that I have never wanted to let him cry it out. I could have done that months ago! Why would I try so hard to help my son develop positive sleep associations if I was just going to throw him in the crib and leave him alone to freak out until he passed out? I feel all alone in this.

I guess I'm just a do-gooder, tree-hugger for wanting my kid to be able to fall asleep without crying his little head off.

God, I really hope things get better soon. I'm really tired. And emotionally unstable.

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