Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wish List: Fuzzi Bunz

More about cloth diapers. I can't get enough! Don't think I mentioned it before, but my babysitter is da bomb. She doesn't mind cloth diapering my son while he's in her care, and I really can't express how much I appreciate that. We still provide her with 'sposies for whenever she can't or doesn't want to use a cloth diaper, but she's on board and even washes them for me! Because she uses them during the day with Derek, we haven't had to buy a pack of diapers since we started with the cloth diapers. I'm sure I'll make up for it by buying more cloth diapers, though!

And that brings me to the message of this post. I've always regretted not starting to cloth diaper sooner with my son. I picked up a few items here and there - some covers, some inserts - but didn't start until he was right at a year old. Now I'm realizing why it would have been better to start sooner; I missed out on a lot of that learning curve about which diapers to use, what inserts work best, how best to buy used, etc. So I've been doing some catching up, and I realize now that I should have just started with something, anything, so I could start to learn what works for us. I've made a couple of purchases that, in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have made. I'll just have to chalk those up to learning experiences and go on to make better choices. I can always try and sell what I'm not using.

My most recent purchase was from Cotton Babies. I'd heard about the site, namely that they had good 'seconds' (new and sometimes used diapers with manufacturer's defects) on their clearance page. So I bought two Bum Genius 3.0 seconds. I haven't been able to find any defects so far, and we've been using them for about a month now. They didn't come with inserts, but I had extra so no problem there. Paid about $5 less each than retail. Good deal! Now I'm on the market for some Fuzzi Bunz. I like it that they have snaps instead of Velcro (for reasons described in a previous post), and wonder if they won't be quite as bulky as the Bum Genius can be. They also seem to be cheaper than Bum Genius on a lot of sites. I am also thinking of buying a few more diapers from the local lady (also discussed in a previous post) who sold me a few that needed a cover and didn't have pockets for inserts. Those diapers weren't bad otherwise. I still use them as backup. She's got the material now to make cover-free pockets and I'm interested to see what they will be like.

My hope is that I can up my stash just a bit more with some great diapers, without spending way more than I would have on disposables. Wish me luck! ;P