Monday, February 23, 2009

Been a while

Well, it's been some time since my last post. Not much has changed really. My son's sleeping habits have gotten a bit better, with visits to settle him back down before I come to bed becoming less frequent, thankfully. The unfortunate side to this is that he's been waking sooooo early in the morning. For a couple of weeks he wanted to get up anywhere from 4am on. Oh my. Not good! Past week we've been greeted to some 5am mornings. Luckily his father's schedule has allowed me to get in some much-needed naps during the late morning hours over the weekend. Not much housework gets done, but who cares when you're sleep deprived!

I've been pretty happy with our Fuzzi Bunz purchase. Only downside has been that they come with only one insert - not nearly enough to last through an overnight, and they don't last long during the day without a doubler. I've got a couple extra hemp inserts that I have been stuffing with two of my FBs so that helps them last longer.

I'm finally starting to see why everyone was complaining about the Velcro tabs on the Bum Genius 3.0. While mine are just starting to wear out, they are still grasping the diaper itself, I can't get them to stay gripped to the wash tabs, which I'm sure will just accelerate the breaking down process. Right on cue, BG has released their new BG AIO (All-in-Ones), with snaps. So now I'll be tempted to buy new diapers altogether. Which sucks since I was starting to feel really good about how much money I've been saving the past few months.

Not only that, but now Fuzzi Bunz have released a new one-size diaper so I'll have to decide whether I want to try my hand on the new Bum Genius or the new Fuzzi Bunz, or just get crazy and buy a different brand altogether. Lord knows there are plenty to choose from.

I can't help but to compare my Fuzzi Bunz at $15 each to the Bum Genius at $18 each. The BG came with an extra doubler, which seems to make them last a lot longer and have served us most overnights (first leak ever last night!), while I'm confident that the Fuzzi Bunz will last longer, thanks to their snap system as opposed to Velcro fasteners.

Oh decisions, decisions! Ok, I won't deny that I'm a tiny bit excited at the thought of shopping for more diapers. Wheeee!