Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mama Pads

Most of my posts have been about cloth diapers, but now that my stash is firmly intact, I've moved on to broader applications of cloth where disposable was once my only option: reusable menstrual items.

The world of cloth diapering got me interested in trying something like this out. I belong to a natural foods / products co-op and one of the products offered there is the Diva Cup. Using the cup has been something of an uphill battle; it takes a few cycles to really figure it out. In the meantime, I decided I would buy some cloth mama pads for those times when I just didn't feel like messing with the cup (or on lighter days).

I purchased some Perfect Pads from an online outlet that was going out of business. Apparently I got them pretty cheap - like $6 each. Since my purchase I've shopped around at other sites and haven't seen as good a deal on them yet. I got a sampler pack which included one heavy day pad, a light day pad and a pantyliner.

I have fallen completely in love with these pads. They are so so so so so incredibly comfy up against your skin. Kinda like a bulkier panty, but super soft. Regular disposable pads always made me feel sweaty, itchy and just ick, especially if using them overnight. With these pads, that problem is but a memory. Because there's no plastic liner like in disposables, air is allowed to circulate and keep the area much nicer. I've seen some that have the PUL liner, like in cloth diapers, but haven't tried them. I can imagine that pads with PUL liner might not be quite as breathable.

They stay put in panties with a simple snap on the underside of the wrap-around wings. There are lots of cute patterns to choose from, and of course there is an organic option for those who can appreciate that.

I've shopped around for other styles and brands, just to see what else is out there, but I really think I will buy a few more Perfect Pads before I'm done building my mama pad stash. Washing is simple, especially since I'm washing cloth diapers daily anyway - I just throw them in together!

You don't even need to be a crunchy hippy to appreciate these pads. They really are a lot more comfortable, and make a great duo to go along with the Diva Cup. No more spending $10-$15 a month for me! Highly recommended!

Here are some images:

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juliam said...

I looked these up online too and although I haven't tried them yet, I'm kind of fascinated by them. It's a tough thing to go from the disposable "easy" world to the better, safer, greener world. We are so preconditioned. What co-op do you belong to? I belong to one too and I think we have a lady who sells something similar. Thanks for the review! :)